Lydia Cecilia is a visual artist with an emphasis on Collage art who was born in Sevilla, Spain. She lived few years in Heidelberg and Dresden, Germany, and currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

At the very beginning, she chose the path of Physics, where she conducted some research in the field of Plasma Physics. But very sooner in her career, she felt this path uncompleted. 

Through the process of searching and creating of her own identity,  she found in collage a way to express her ideas about some important contemporary issues. Two of these issues are, first, the struggle of all women in our societies. And second, the need to eliminate those strict social labels which intend to define and classify us without being able to describe the complexity of the identities that make up our world.

In her body of work is hidden the disagreement with the established social hierarchies and the necessity to break the social limitations which simplify us. Her artwork question the ideas learned about gender and identity in order to create a scenario for discussion and understanding. 

Collage is a powerful tool in Lydia hands to explore all these ideas and realities.